Were Mini-Nukes Used On 9/11?

Were mini-nukes used on 9/11? Let’s take a look at why some people believe mini-nukes were used on 9/11:

Many witnesses described feeling an earthquake in the bldg. IMMED. PRIOR TO hearing the plane crash into the tower(s).
Listen to this witness, Louis Lesce describe exactly that: “I was on the 76th floor and I was reviewing some work and it was about ten to nine, and the building shook, and I felt there was an earthquake, and it didn’t bother me because I felt the building could sustain earthquakes, they were built for that, and then there was a huge explosion and the ceiling fell.”

WTC janitor William Rodriguez, who was on sub-level 6 when he felt his feet being lifted up by what Rodriguez describes as a bomb going off underneath his feet; then, Rodriguez describes: “I hear BOOM! right on top………pretty far away…..so there was a difference from coming from the basement and coming from the top.” – (below video)

The largest seismic spikes preceded the fall of each Tower