Asbestos Removal Bids on the WTC Towers PRIOR TO 9/11

Asbestos Removal Bids on the WTC Towers

NOTE: These type articles have “vanished” from the internet……..…
Contract WTC-115.310 – The World Trade Center Removal and Disposal of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles and Other Incidental Asbestos-Containing Building Materials Via Work Order Estimate Range: $1,000,000 annually Bids due Tuesday, October 17, 2000 [emphasis mine].
May 5 – 11, 2001
“Chalk up one victory for insurers in the escalating asbestos-claims mOlOe: the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey has lost a 10-year-old court battle to get its insurers to pay more than $600 million for removing asbestos from its properties, including the World Trade Center and New York’s airports. The judge ruled that asbestos abatement costs by themselves do not constitute ‘physical loss or damage’ under the Port Authority’s all-risk policies. The agency is considering an appeal.” [emphasis mine]
[interesting overview on asbestos problem]
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“Coming soon to a school or office near you: a life-saving innovation that could kill you, designed to correct a problem that doesn’t exist, by removing materials that aren’t dangerous until somebody tries to remove them. And guess who’s going to pay for it.” … “For example, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is expecting to pay about $1 billion for the abatement of just the World Trade Center and LaGuardia Airport. (New York City law requires abatement if renovation work is being done, as it is at these buildings.) …”

Based on this information, it can be said with reasonable certainty that several tons of asbestos were in the World Trade Center. With the dust of the WTC now clouding the city, contamination is very likely, but measurings of the dust should be taken before jumping to any conclusions. After my search, some news media started to mention the asbestos issue, mostly this ABCNews article which states that

The Trade Center reportedly decided more than 10 years ago to treat the health risk by encapsulating the asbestos to prevent the particles from being inhaled.

To my knowledge, “encapsulating” means that the asbestos fibers are simply painted over, or that asbestos-covered shafts are sealed, to avoid direct human contact and air contamination. With both WTC towers destroyed, this “encapsulation” is of no relevance. What matters is the degree of asbestos-contamination which is now in New York City.

As school is supposed to begin again tomorrow, this problem should be addressed as soon as possible. Residents of NYC should stay in their homes, keep their windows closed and shut down the air conditioning (the filters won’t work on the fiber).

Because of the lawsuits mentioned in the above articles, information on asbestos use in the WTC will also be hard to find (consider the potential damages involved as a good motivation for a cover-up). It is also likely that NY authorities will not publish asbestos air measurings in order to avoid wide-spread panic and possibly accountability (since Port Authorities have delayed a clean-up for years). The health problems this fallout will bring will remain unknown for a long time.